Posted by: sonewjersey | September 23, 2009

To Plunge or Not To Plunge?

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Since 1994, Plungers have been raising money and diving into chilly waters all for the love of the cause. 

Maybe it’s your turn to “dive in” and give it a try!   

Garret Field 09

It's not THAT cold!!

We hear reasons that range from loving a challenge to losing a bet, but most often what we hear about are personal connections to people with intellectual disabilities and a willingness to do whatever it takes to support their success in life.  And that’s really what the Special Olympics program is about — success in life through success on the fields of sport.

Plunges are a great way to show support on many levels: as the largest offseason water-related events in the State, the Plunges draw lots of attention to the issues and needs of people with intellectual disabilities. As the largest grossing single-day fundraisers Special Olympics New Jersey holds each year, the success of the Plunges is vital to continue and expand athlete programs and opportunities. Just as importantly, your participation sends a message of solidarity with our brothers and sisters of all abilities.

So whether we chose to Plunge or not, our support through donations,volunteer time and by spreading awareness is integral for acceptance and opportunity in communities around the world. It’s a great feeling to know that we can make a difference today.

Get your Plunge On and ride the wave of success.

Check back next week for tips on raising $500 in 10 days!

Have you Plunged?

We want to know all about it!  Follow us on Twitter @SONewJersey and Tweet all about your experiences (don’t forget to add the hashtag #PBP when you Tweet about a Plunge!).  Let us know if you have video footage that we can add to our favorites on our Special Olympics New Jersey YouTube  page, or go onto our Special Olympics New Jersey Facebook and tag us in your Plunge photos (and while you’re at it, become a Fan!!

This is only the beginning!!  Stay close for more updates on past Plunges and Plunges to come! In the meantime, be sure to check out our website at


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