Posted by: sonewjersey | February 2, 2010

Winter Games are Officially Open and Day 1 is Under Way

 Hello everyone from Mt. Creek!  Last night’s opening ceremonies were fantastic!  Kelley Sue Martin was our “Mistress” of Ceremonies and did a fantastic job of getting the party started!  One of our Board of Directors, Don Slaght , continued the ceremonies with a fantastic speech directed to our athletes, coaches, volunteers, and chaperones.  We were also very lucky to have Ms. Sally Rinker, the Mayor of Vernon Township , say a few words  as well as Mr. Frank DeBerry, Preseident and Chief Operating Officer of Mountain Creek!  

The ceremonies continued when 8 athletes, who were sent to the World Winter Games in Idaho last year, were introduced and the two alpine skiers made their way down the mountain.  A Mountain Creek ski team led our athletes down the mountain with flares, and Michael Huges followed in preparation to light the torch.  At the bottom of the mountain, Micahel was assisted with taking his skiis off,  the torch was then lit and the ceremonies were declared open! 

Today is day 1 of the Games, and our alpine skiiers, snowboarders, cross country skiiers, snowshoers, figure skaters and speed skaters are getting ready to begin competing!  Luckily, the weather is perfect for our athletes.  Throughout the day I’ll be visiting different events and posting pictures and video footage that will post directly to our Twitter page !  I hope everyone is enjoying the footage, and please cheer on our athletes as they compete in these awesome events!


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