Posted by: sonewjersey | February 3, 2010

Day 2 of SONJ Winter Games has started!

Hello again, from a freshly snowed on Day 2 of competition!  I hope everyone is enjoying the day to day updates of the games (or hourly pictures and videos if you’re checking out our twitter account).  Today will mark the conclusion of the Winter Games here at Mountain Creek, and our athletes are out on the mountain doing what they do best!

Yesterday, I spent a good portion of my day over at Skylands Ice Arena watching our figure skaters and speed skaters, which was pretty awesome.  Millburn Middle School showed up to cheer on our athletes with home made signs and loud cheers from the stands, and they did a great job! 

The SONJ figure skaters put on some great shows (and had some great costumes)!  In between skating programs, competitive figure skaters got on the ice and presented brief performances for the athletes, family, and friends.  The speed skaters were a lot of fun to watch, showing off their speed and agility on the ice.  

Awards were given out for events on the mountain, as well as on the ice last night.  After all is said and done with competition we’ll be sure to announce names and medals for everyone.  Last night was our dinner / dance party at Crystal Springs Country Club.  Our athletes danced the night away after a tough days’ competiton (see out twitter account for some video footage). 

I’m headed out to the mountain now to check out our alpine ski awards and cross country (and evertything else I can catch) !  I’ll have more to post tomorrow.  Keep cheering on our athletes, the games aren’t over yet!


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