Posted by: sonewjersey | June 11, 2010

Last Minute Info for the 2010 SONJ Summer Games!

Can you believe it?!  After all of the anticipation, the Games are actually here!!

The day started out pretty well with our Law Enforcement Torch Run (which is still going on!!)  and can only get better from here!  Thank you to all of the Law Enforcement Officials that helped make this event a success!  Thank you, also, to the athletes who participated and to all of the family and friends that cheered them all on as they ran! 

 As with most of our events, people have a lot of questions … and we’re here to answer them for you (and hopefully make your lives a little bit easier!).

For those of you looking for constant updates, check out our Twitter page at !  We’ll be updating from all of the different sports and venues!

Opening Ceremonies:

Athletes and coaches will be parading into Lions Stadium at 7:30 p.m tonight!  Heading towards the stadium, everyone will be instructed as to where to enter, sit and exit!  The Special Olympics flame will be carried in by the final leg of the Law Enforcement Torch Run, and the cauldron will be lit! 


Throughout the weekend, athletes (over 2300!!) will be competing in 7 sports: Aquatics, bocce, gymnastics, powerlifting, softball, tennis & trach and field.  Times and places for each event can be found in any Summer Games info booklet (which will be available at the info stands at 1. Lion’s Stadium and 2. Sundial Lawn). 

Competition on Saturday starts bright and early at 8 am and will end around 4:00pm (depending on the sport).

Competition on Sunday will also begin at 8 am and can go as late as 3:45 pm (again, depending on the sport.)

Information Tables / Media / FANS  in the STANDS:

  • Information tables can be found at the entrance to the track and on Sundial Lawn.
  • The media table can be found on Sundial Lawn.
  • Fans in the Stands tables can be found at BOTH of the registration tables.  If you pre-registered on Facebook as a Fan in the Stands, just let the people at the Info Table check you off and you’ll receive your Fan equipment and be on your way!  If you’re interested in being on Official Fan in the Stands, let the people at the Info Table know, and they’ll sign you up and give you your stuff to cheer on the athletes!  Remember, the more fans the better!

Map of the Campus:


We hope this answered some of your basic questions.  If there is something that’s not up here that you need answered, feel free to comment here and we’ll get you and answer as soon as we can!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 2010 SONJ SUMMER GAMES!!


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