Posted by: sonewjersey | September 15, 2010

Guest Post: Carrie Bonfield (American Girl Fashion Show Junior Committee Member) Shares Her American Girl Fashion Show Experiences.

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In this post Carrie shares with us her experience with the American Girl Fashion Show. 

Thanks Carrie for sharing your insight on the event!

I can still remember the day I met Mrs. Edenzon; I was in the first grade and at my brother’s baseball game. We were sitting next to her and talking; her son was on the other team. She asked me if I liked American Girl dolls and I said I loved them!  That’s when she got the idea to have girls around my age do the American Girl Fashion Show to raise awareness about Special Olympics New Jersey.

 That’s how I got started with Special Olympics New Jersey.  Since then, I have worked as a model in the show and I’m a Junior Committee member. I have learned that people with special needs are just like me; they just take a little longer to do things. Special Olympics New Jersey and the American Girl Fashion Show has meant a lot to me because I love to play sports and I want everyone to have the same opportunity that I do. It feels really good to do something for people and have fun doing it, and that’s what the American Girl Fashion Show lets you do.


For pictures from last year’s American Girl Fashion Show, visit our AGFS Flickr page at:

The American Girl Fashion Show will be held on October 24th at Forsgate Country Club in Monroe, NJ.  To make reservations for a show or to get more information on the American Girl Fashion Show visit the website at : 

For questions regarding the event, you can also call (609)896-8000 or Email .



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