Posted by: sonewjersey | June 10, 2011

Let The Games Begin!

2011 Games to be an experience
of a lifetime for athletes
by Marc Edenzon
President of Special Olympics New Jersey

What disability?  What limitation?

These 2011 Summer Games will showcase achievements in sports, record performances and overtime wins…sports…not “disabled” sports.

While we all recognize that individuals competing in these Games are Special Olympics athletes, children and adults with Intellectual Disabilities, the competitions that will take place will display an honest integrity of sport and an effort by athletes to be the very best that they can be.

In many instances, individuals identified as having “disabilities” are looked at for their limitations; however, the athletes competing at these Games will be viewed as anything but limited.  The athletes competing this weekend, while striving for personal bests, will demonstrate a competency in sport worthy of their acceptance on any community or school intramural or interscholastic sport team.

Unfortunately, sometimes expectations are limitations for our athletes, as they have been known to far exceed expectations and open our eyes to potential rather than limitation.

Athletes will compete in the sports of Bocce, Track & Field, Softball, Gymnastics, Aquatics, Powerlifting and Tennis this weekend at The College of New Jersey.  There will be a culture of sportsmanship and integrity of play, and there will be champions placing 1st and champions finishing 8th…and there will be no discussion on what these athletes cannot achieve, only what they will achieve this weekend and on the field of play for many years to come.


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