Posted by: sonewjersey | July 14, 2011

Camp Shriver Continues to Expand

Megan Fulop

Camp Director Megan Fulop, who has been a volunteer with Special Olympics New Jersey (SONJ) for eight years, shares how Camp Shriver has grown over the years:

“My first experience with Camp Shriver at SONJ was in the summer of 2004. It all started with a group of 15 athletes who came to the Sports Complex to participate in a pilot program, the SONJ Summer Sports Camp. For five weeks, these campers learned about sports, nutrition and teamwork.

We also had a small group of approximately five volunteers who provided assistance as needed. Each year, the program grew and in 2007, I attended a workshop weekend at the Shriver residence to learn about Camp Shriver and how we could expand our own program.

Delaney perfects her dribble

And expand we did…this year, we have approximately 90 athletes, 35 volunteers, 10 counselors, and 3 directors each week. We are also fortunate enough to have a few special guests on the schedule, including the New York Red Bulls soccer team, a yoga instructor, and two PGA pros, among others.

Needless to say, we’re looking forward to another great summer at Camp Shriver!”

ABOUT CAMP SHRIVER: Camp Shriver offers four weeks of outdoor camp free-of-charge to any registered Special Olympics athlete with a valid medical on file. Athletes will learn sport-specific skills, including the fundamentals to excel in each sport, and play games to improve these skills and compete against other campers.

Megan learning to shoot

In addition, Camp Shriver will provide cardio and weight training in the Wawa Exercise & Wellness Center and educational information on nutrition, health and wellness.

This week, athletes are focused on about Basketball. Next up, soccer…




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