Posted by: sonewjersey | March 7, 2013

The Highlight of My Senior Year


Jenna on the court during a Unified basketball game.

My name is Jenna Berrios and I’m a senior at Rowan University playing my first basketball season with Unified Sports. Becoming involved with Unified Sports has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career.

Rowan’s Unified Sports club has been a major highlight of my final semester. I wish I was aware of the club when it initially started last spring; however, after I graduate, I hope to find a way to always be involved with such a gratifying program.

Words cannot fully explain how much fun participating in Unified Sports truly is. It not only brings joy and excitement into the Special Olympics athletes’ lives, but also the student athletes, parents and community as well. I personally look forward to Saturday mornings each week when I am reunited with my teammates.

Once everyone is on the court, nobody associates each other by having a disability or not. It’s simply just a bunch of people of all ages having fun together joining as one unit playing basketball. Bonding as a team is exciting and watching the gym full of athletes joining together is inspiring.

Now that I have experienced such a rewarding program, I can only hope it expands to other colleges, high schools, and community centers as well. Everyone has the right to grow up having equal opportunities to competitively play sports. If you have yet to experience Unified Sports, I highly recommend becoming involved in any way you can!

Rowan Unified 1Rowan’s Unified Basketball season comes to a close this weekend, but you can keep up-to-date on their Facebook PageFor more information on Unified Sports, contact Ryan Cerasani at or (609) 896-8000 ext. 276.




  1. Jenna is awesome!! =) Get Fit was fun

  2. Thanks Jenna- this program is such a blessing to our daughter. We are so thankful to the students like you who volunteer their time to give her this opportunity

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