Posted by: sonewjersey | June 21, 2013

Be a fan® of Special Olympics

DSC_0306For the past 5 years TD Bank has helped raise funds for Special Olympics New Jersey athletes with the Be a fan® Campaign. Every year Athletes from all over the state visit TD Banks and thank them for their contributions and support. This week Eric Kish from the Somerset County Tigers B Team visited the TD Bank Old Bridge Store. You may know Eric, as he is one of the faces of this campaign. Employees from Old Bridge as well as Mr. TD himself made Eric’s visit to the bank a memorable one. Eric was able to sign autographs and was shown how to be a teller at the drive thru. “We love the athletes for who they are and appreciate them very much.” Said Keysha L. Barry, Vice president Manager of Old Bridge Route 9 Store, “It’s not just about giving back, but also to show we care, and share this with our DSC_0422customers.” Eric and the TD Employees together helped make a contribution to Special Olympics New Jersey with the Penny Arcade. When making a donation to Special Olympics through the Penny Arcade, just inform one of the tellers you would like to make a donation to Special Olympics and the non-customer fee will be waived. 92% of all donations benefit Special Olympics.

Athletes Megan and Devon from Gloucester County visited the TD University site, only to be greeted by excited employees and a party just for them. The girls received a tour of the whole facility and also had a chance to sign autographs for all their TD Fans. During their tour, Megan and Devon had the opportunity to visit one of the classrooms in the facility that trains TD employees how to be a teller. It was clear by the interaction between the athletes and TD University employees that this was a special experience for all.DSC_0452

The visits to the TD Stores all around the state are not only a chance to say thank you, but also an opportunity for employees to meet our amazing athletes and form relationships with them. Athletes have the chance to show off their medals and be congratulated by some of their biggest fans. The campaign ends on June 30th, so visit your local TD Bank and Be a fan® of your local Special Olympics New Jersey Athletes.


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